what is the best waterproof lightweight golf bag

The right golf bag could make all the difference in arranging and preparing your game. An ordinary golf bag holds more than just your clubs. With the proper golf bag for oversized grips, you can keep yourself in order on the course and display some of your flairs.

If a golf bag has enough room to store everything you need, including clothing, balls, and tees, it’s ideal. It must be solidly built, have a reliable strap system, and be able to stand.

The top must be divided to make it simple for the golfer to take out and replace clubs, and all top-notch bags feature a practical valuables pouch.

We examined some of the most well-liked golf bags for oversized grips to help you choose the perfect one for you. Have a look if you’re seeking a great golf bag.

What Is An Oversized Grip?

An oversized grip is a grip that allows you to use your shoulders only and increases your confidence which is essential for the golf swing. Playing with larger grips can improve the look and form of shots.

Oversized grips for golf are becoming more popular. In the past, the grips were used to aid seniors suffering from arthritis problems. It has changed significantly in recent times. Many players are discovering some significant advantages to switching to jumbo max grips, as long as they can swing using them.

A larger grip on the golf course guarantees a square hit into the ball. A square strike, when combined with a smooth and controlled swing is transformed into extra power until the point of contact upon the ball. This will result in a greater distance that the shot can travel.

What are the dimensions of an oversized grip?

The grips of Midsize and Oversize/Jumbo can vary quite a bit; however, they will generally be between 1/8″ to +3/8″ larger in diameter. A common way of measuring the diameter is typically 5cm lower than the bottom of the grip.

Larger golf grips are an alternative for players with larger hands or weak grips. The grips that are oversized are anywhere from 1/16 and 1/8 inches larger than the standard grips. The majority of major manufacturers of grips offer an oversized grip that can be easily placed on any golf club.

What is the best golf bag for oversized grips?

what is the best waterproof lightweight golf bag

Motocaddy Pro Series Golf Cart Bag


Motocaddy’s latest Pro Series Cart Bag is packed with significant and elegant features, with a high-end design that targets all who play golf. This golf bag is made from durable PUR as well as Nylon materials, Pro Series bags feature 14 full-length dividers that can fit every golf venue.

in addition to an extra-large putter well made to work with oversized grips. Pro Series bags have nine pockets. The pockets can be used for apparel balls, tea snacks, drinks, valuables, and other items.


  • Premium components
  • Internal sleeves for umbrellas
  • Pockets of value for additional security


  • expensive

If you’re an avid Motocaddy trolley owner you’ll be able to benefit from the unique EASILOCK-compatible anti-twist base that keeps your bag secure to avoid falling on uneven terrains or slopes.

Alongside this, you’ll find ergonomic handles for carrying, an umbrella sleeve with scorecard, pen holder, as well as an easy towel hanger, and a towel hook, the Pro Series is a stand-out option for cart bag holders.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain is one of the best golf bags on the market. They don’t only make cart bags. They also manufacture stand bags and carry bags too. The specific C-130 version is actually a brand new release, and it’s tough to imagine something they could do to enhance the quality of this model.

The C-130 has a 10.5-inch high top with 14 full-length compartments. Each club in your bag will have a place to protect it from harm. The Sun Mountain is a large bag with plenty of storage space, yet it weighs only 6.6 pounds.

Although the bag is lightweight, Sun Mountain knows you will pack it full of stuff. They’ve included well-designed and highly efficient handles that make it easy to carry your bag onto and off the cart.


  • Simple to carry
  • 13 satchels
  • Smart Strap Technology
  • Well-integrated putter
  • Ice chest pocket
  • Backward orientation
  • Available in a variety of hues


  • Pricey new release and a little high

The putter well not only helps ensure that your putter is protected; however, it also permits the user to access it easily. To go through all the features of the C-130 features will take a lot of time.

The bag has a single, padded shoulder strap that is positioned comfortably and easy to move the bag around.

Between the velour-lined valuables, and the excellent pocket assurance, along with the rain cover It is a cart or golf bag you’ll be pleased with and last for many years. If you want choosing the best golf bags for your needs, the perfect bag is the sun mountain.

IZZO Ultra-Lite Cart bag


The Izzo Golf Ultra-Lite Cart Bag weighs 3.8 pounds this bag is lighter than most carry bags. If you don’t pack tons of things into the Ultra-Light Cart bag, it’s very easy to transport and is especially sturdy with a handle on the top and a handle on the bottom.

It’s also a good bargain at just $150. If you’re not planning to carry your bag. This is an excellent option for your money. It is great for the push cart and also an electric golf cart.

One of the aspects that make it ideal to complete the task is the single cart strap, which is hidden behind the bag once you place it on a cart that means you’ll have quick access to each pocket.

The 14-way top divider is perfect who prefer to have separate slots for their clubs. However of course it’s crucial to remain well-organized so that you don’t go looking and scouring for spots in return of a club following use.

The main benefit is that with full length dividers, the clubs won’t get tangled with clubs from other clubs, helping to safeguard them since they’re physically simpler to take in and out of.


  • It is easier to transfer because it is lighter than many carryon bags.
  • When the bag is on the cart, a single strap rests behind it, allowing easy access to all pockets.
  • Excellent value for the money
  • A lot of storage area


  • Not the right choice for walkers who carry

If you’re in a situation in which you’re using caddies who are double-bagging, they may even prefer it because they only have only one strap at a given time even when taking two bags. But they’ll need to place the bag on the ground during their walk playing on the course since there’s no stand.

In the end, the Izzo Ultra-Lite Cart Bag offers a simple easy solution for who use cart. There aren’t any velcro-attached glove holders. You’ll need to make your own around the handles. There’s no big towel band Also, there are no pockets that are magnetic. You can still put everything, except for the kitchen sink inside this bag if you wish, and it will be able to hold it with ease thanks to the massive pocket on each side.

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag


The Founders Club Premium Cart Bag is made from lightweight premium materials. It’s targeted at golfers with the entire spectrum of abilities and handicaps.

There’s the top divider, which is 14-way, with a rubberized slot that directs grips away from one another. The innovative anti-rattle design eliminates the noise of the irons hitting each other as they travel.

There are designated places for each iron wood, putter, and iron and the location for the putter can be used by them who want jumbomax grips to 1 3/4 inches in size. It has 11 pockets to choose from with 9 of them having zipped access and two mesh pockets.


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Technology using rubberized protecting slots
  • Anti-rattle technology in the 14-way divider top
  • This bag is robust and stable thanks to the reinforced base
  • Well-placed grab straps make it easy to carry the bag
  • ice chest pocket


  • Large-grip putters are challenging to store

To ensure that you are hydrated during hot days, there’s an insulated cooler bag that drains. Two pockets lined with Velour to safeguard your valuables. You can keep valuables safe from causing harm to each other.

At 9 pounds, it isn’t the lightest bag on the market, but the quality offered by the bag at a reasonable price is quite acceptable. In the end, the goal of cart bags isn’t to be the tiniest thing on the market, but to provide your valuables and clubs with plenty of safeguards and storage.

TaylorMade Select ST Golf Bag


TaylorMade ST is targeted at golfers with a limited budget who want the highest quality, best-performing chiller cart bag for the lowest cost. It weighs an extremely light weight of 4.9 pounds, making this the lightest on the market.

These 15 high dividers aren’t fully length, which isn’t an ideal solution, but is expected at the cost. Storage is provided by way with 7 pockets. Of these, 2 are spacious and are able to be able to accommodate most large items. A significant pocket is also present, and it is lined with velour for security.


  • Dependable strap pass made of tarpaulin
  • Strengthened zippers
  • long-lasting bubble lining
  • Incredibly affordable


  • bottom-heavy style

Combining a big carry strap, large top handle and handles at the bottom and front of the bag allow it easy to control and process.

Additional accessories available on the ST include water bottle bags as well as an umbrella holder. The most distinct feature in this model TaylorMade ST is the remarkably affordable price for the level of quality that is offered. If you finding the best golf cart for oversized grips, this bag is the right choice.

Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 Cart Bag


Callaway ORG 14 fits perfectly on any drivable cart or work on a push cart . The access to clubs can be easy top with full length divider that has 14 ways and top with full-length dividers that protect the grips and shafts. The bag’s main compartment has additional storage for your putter.

Numerous color schemes, including Black/Shale/Red, Black/Charcoal/White, White/Navy/Red Flag, Navy/Charcoal/White, and others are offered for the Callaway Org 14.


  • The strap system makes it simple to access your content.
  • While attached to your cart, do not rotate.
  • Oversized putter well
  • Front pockets provide easy access to accessories.


  • Not cost-effective

Ten front-facing compartments provide access to your electronics, including an enclosed cooler pouch, a phone sleeve, and a velour-lined pocket with a water-proof zipper to secure your items.

The bag’s attachment on a cart simply uses the pass-through strap for the cart that allows access to pockets, while making sure that the bag is not rotated.

A cushioned storable carry strap is standard for an incredibly comfortable shoulder strap. The Smart Strap system keeps your bag in place while you’re using a cart. Callaway is the best golf bags for walking.

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