It’s always a bit of a worry. Most players, when they play for the first time, don’t know what to do, where to go, or what’s going on. So I think the biggest thing I want to talk to you about right now is essential tactics and how to apply them on a paintball field.
Moves Towards The Objective
So it can be really confusing when you step out there. You’ve got the ref calling the game on this carnage going on everywhere. There are people shooting you don’t really know what to do. But the first thing I think anybody should do when they step out into a paintball field is to start making moves towards the objective, whether it’s an objective you have to take, whether it’s a flag you have to raise, whether it’s a castle you have to defend or whatever you do need to get to that prominent point as far forward as you can and start making some moves.
So when we talk about playing aggressively in Payable, it’s not about talking about fighting or anything like that. It’s about talking about making moves getting up in people’s faces, and start making things happen. You know, when you make moves on a paintball field, it opens up a whole new load of angles. Hopefully, you can shoot across the field and shoot a guy in the back, and obviously, as you can imagine, it’s a lot easier to shoot someone in the back then.
If they’re facing at you, shooting back, so you know by making moves, you create these angles, and you give yourselves a lot more options to play well. You know, at the end of the day, winning is much more fun than losing. So we’re going to do we’re going to start making moves.

Keep Your Eyes Up
there are multiple different points where people can shoot back at us. So what we need to do is we need to be really, really aware of where that paint is coming from, and the way we do that is by keeping our eyes up at all times. So the more active you are and the more you stay out of your bunker, the more you can see. But obviously, the more you’re out of our bunker, the more risk that you’re going to pose as well.
So we don’t want to risk ourselves as much. You know we want to risk ourselves as minimal as we have to. But whilst taking in as much information as we can.

Stay Between Bunker
Right now is that it’s between you and the castle. And what we’re going to do is we’re gonna put that bunker between us and hope that by doing that, the people on the other side of this bunker aren’t going to be able to see us. So whether we’re right before that bunker or we’re still here, the people directly behind that bunker right in front of you aren’t going, to be honest.
Head Up
keep your head up when moving towards the bunker, and keep looking at where people are shooting it out. So if anyone from the left side starts shooting you, you can cut to the right a bit more. If anyone from the right starts doing it, you can do the same on the left. So when you use this, it’s come all the way into the bunker and obviously tries and touch them to get safe.
When I’m right behind this bunker, I’m hoping that I’m going to be as safe as I can be, okay? So even if people are shooting up down at me, you know I need to make sure what my head’s lower but all my equipment in, I’ve got my feet in, and you know this is my safe spot right here, so I need to use these different safe spots.
Use The Bunkers
Try to choose a good bunker where you can get closer to the opposition. But obviously, the lower down the bunker is, if it’s a small little bunker, you should going to have your head in the dirt. If there’s a bigger bunker, that’s usually a better one to go to, so give you more options.
when you’re in a bunker to shoot back the people you’ve got a few different angles that you can shoot back at them from. if I’m safe I’m shooting left-handed and I’m coming out and I’m shooting at a guy left-handed but I keep coming out opposite side it’s going to be really obvious. where I’m coming out I want to try and do is be a bit more elusive and outsmart those people shooting at me.

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