eReading Games Best Free Reading Video Games
eReading Games Best Free Reading Video Games

eReading Games are free educational video games designed to provide students the opportunity to improve their reading skills. The games are free and offer real educational experiences. I put a lot of effort into making these games engaging and enjoyable to ensure that players are motivated to master each reading ability to make progress. They’ll be having so much fun playing games that they don’t be aware of how much they’re learning.

The games will teach ELA skills that are part of the Common Core State Standards, including poetic devices, elements of sentence structure, speech, and the use of figurative language. I’m committed to adding additional games and lessons to this website.

What is eReading Games?

Games enthrall students. Teachers are pleased when their students learn. When you combine two things, you have eReading Games. As a reading instructor, I could not find reading games that could be both educational and enjoyable, So I came up with my own. Today, students all over the globe can play these games at no cost using all Internet-accessible computers.

eReading Games Best Free Reading Video Games
eReading Games Best Free Reading Video Games

Here’s what E-Reading Games work. The game’s rewarding gameplay is a way to get students interested. They are eager to explore the levels and discover the secrets. However, if they make mistakes, they must complete reading assignments correctly or face penalties in-game. Students are given the opportunity to be motivated immediately to learn. They’re not learning because a test is seven weeks away.

eReading Reading Games List

  • Idiom Unicorn
  • Context Clues Climber
  • Genre Piranha
  • Viewpoint Pilot
  • Poetry Cat
  • Super Grammar Ninja
  • Orpheus the Lyrical

eReading Games Context Clues

They are learning because they will “die” right now if they do not. Students are having fun and accomplishing the learning objectives. Everyone wins when kids engage in these games of reading.

Idiom Unicorn | Reading Comprehension Game

Idiom Unicorn is a bright, fun running game focusing on comprehension. Students take on the role of a magical unicorn. They leap, run, and blast rainbows their way across 50 levels. On their way, they’ll be confronted with a variety of enemies as well as 500 commonly used phrases.

This game provides students with frequent exposure to idiomatic phrases and will improve their reading abilities. Test it now! This game is mobile-friendly.

Students can play as unicorns in this vibrant, vivid reading game. They blaze rainbows through the maze of wicked wizards and knights and leap over challenging obstacles. The game is filled with hundreds of idioms that are challenging.

Students will be exposed to the most commonly used words and learn to decode their meanings from the context of sentences. This lesson is full of fun!

Play Idiom Unicorn Now

e-Reading Games Context Clues Climber | Vocabulary Game

Context Clues Climber is an entertaining adventure game platform-based and has excellent moves. The player can be suspended from the walls, climb ceilings and even break bricks using a pickaxe. Students are trying to reach the top of the 50 levels while avoiding the enemies. If they are hit, they must solve more than 500 questions on vocabulary.

Students will study hundreds of vocabulary terms without even realizing it. This is going to be a massive game at school. This game is compatible with mobile devices.

Climb mountains—combat monsters. Find out the answers to hundreds of language inquiries. Context Clues Climber is a traditional platform step with fantastic new tricks. Participants can climb up on ceilings, hang off the walls, and smash bricks using the help of a pickaxe. They’ll have a lot of enjoyment playing through the 50 Or more mountainous levels.

They’ll not think about the new words they’re learning. Everyone succeeds in this game.

Play Context Clues Climber Now

Genre Piranha | Literary Genre Review Game

Students can play the role of an aquatic fish, trying to reach the lighthouse. The students eat worms, hide in the weeds and ask hundreds of questions on the literary genre. Do I need to mention how the characters transform into massive fish that dominate the seas? Do you know that you can shoot yourself from an armamentarium and smash across brick walls?

Genre Piranha is lots of fun. Genre Piranha game is compatible with mobile devices.

Genre Piranha can be described as a thrilling and exciting game of fish that helps children learn and understand the genre. Students take on the role of a tiny fish trying to escape bigger fish, stay away from dangers and reach the lighthouse. If enemies injure them, players have to answer various literary genre-related questions.

They can also gather worms, get buried in the grass, shoot from cannons or transform into gigantic fish! Students will enjoy themselves so much they will not even realize that they’re mastering the literary genre. This game is mobile-friendly.

Play Genre Piranha in Your Browser Now

Viewpoint Pilot | Point of View Review Game

Viewpoint Pilot is an incredible arcade-style spaceship game designed to help students learn about the concept of point of view. Students race across the Universe by collecting cool power-ups while answering hundreds of inquiries on narrative perspectives. If they are hit by one of the more than 20 villains, They must respond to an inquiry about their perspective.

In the beginning, they need to determine the difference between first third-person and second-person narration. They have to distinguish between limited, objective and omniscient forms of narration in the higher levels. Viewpoint Pilot game is compatible with mobile devices.

Students blast through space with this arcade-style game. You can collect advanced power-ups and attack attacks and determine the character’s perspective through many questions. The game is simple to play. Students must determine whether the passage is narrated from second or third-person perspectives.

However, as the levels advance, students will soon distinguish between limited, objective, and omniscient narration. Viewpoint Pilot game is mobile-friendly.

Play Viewpoint Pilot Now

Poetry Cat | Poetic Devices Review Game

Poetry Cat provides a unique game experience. Students can play as a cat, trying to find balls of yarn as they avoid birds and dogs. The game is more fun by adding spikes, springs, gum, ice, and Teleporters. If an opponent hits students, they must read the poem and figure out the poetic device employed if they are successful and continue to play. If they fail, then they’ll end up dying.

The game is easy, fun and addicting. The game encourages players to study the most famous poetic devices such as simile, metaphor hyperbole personification, understatement alliteration, onomatopoeia rhyme, repetition, and. The game has 50 levels with 500 different questions. The students can master poetic devices while playing the game. This game is now available on smartphones and tablets!

Have fun playing as a cat that can climb over walls. You must collect all the yarn balls and pass each level. Beware of dogs. The game features bouncy mechanics as well as a fun cartoon-like feel. Additionally, students will recognize hundreds of different figurative language techniques and poetic devices while playing throughout the course. Teachers and students love this game. It’s my most played reading game. The game is compatible with tablets.

Play Poetry Cat Now

Super Grammar Ninja | Parts of Speech & Sentence Structure Review Game

Super Grammar Ninja is a nostalgic reminiscence of classic video games like Mega Man and The Adventures of Link However. It comes with added educational elements. The players battle through five worlds while learning about the elements of sentences and concepts of speech. Each world has its subject matter, and players get the chance to learn and revise the content in virtual schools throughout the course.

Players will collect powerups and develop secrets during the game. Getting all the ninja abilities is only a portion of the enjoyment. This game video is an excellent method to prepare for the language portion of Explore, Plan, and ACTs. Learners of languages and those looking to understand their languages will find this game as engaging as the old-school gamers. I hope that the game entertains you.

Explore five different environments. Combat the most powerful warriors on the planet. Learn the parts of speech as well as sentence structures. Super Grammar Ninja combines elements of the classic platform games Megaman or Castlevania and includes teaching in language arts.

It’s an excellent package. Students will take on bosses to uncover secret ninja attack techniques. They will also answer hundreds of questions on sentence structure and parts of speech.

Play Super Grammar Ninja Now

Orpheus the Lyrical | Figurative Language Review Game

Orpheus the Lyrical is a game that follows the story of Orpheus, who was the son of Apollo and his search to rescue his bride from the depths of hell. Students will identify hundreds of examples of figurative languages throughout the game and enjoy themselves doing it. Students can print their scores and bring them to the class to earn extra credit at the instructor’s discretion. This is now accessible on phones and tablets!

Students are required to guide Orpheus through the depths of hell for the sake of saving his love. He subdues and charms monsters and beasts through the sadness of his songs. He collects power-ups unlocks abilities. He also can answer hundreds of questions about language. This was the very first reading game I developed in the year 2010. If you look back and compare it with my more recent games, you’ll see how I’ve developed as a programmer. However, it’s still one of my most played games. Complete the game, and you’ll gain the sidekick.

Play Orpheus the Lyrical Now


I hope your students have the same fun playing the games that I had creating them. I made sure to be respectful in the classroom and the game room. If you’d like to tell me how I did, let me know about the discussion in the remarks. I’m still working on new games for reading. Next: the Context Clues climbing game! Naturally, I’d like to develop an interactive game of text structure. I better get back to work. Thank you for taking part!

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